Safe Cosmetics Act 2010

New act introduced to Congress today. Mostly interested in restricting carcinogenic ingredients from use in cosmetics, lotions, creams, and perfumes. Essentially this act seeks to force companies to divulge ingredients with detectable trace amounts. Which means those formulas that the companies have been jealously guarding may be blown wide open in the US if this passes.

If you’re not one to really care how this legislation impacts perfume makers, or cosmetics makers and their secret ingredients for fragrances then perhaps you’ll care about how large an impact this may have on your personal care products after it passes. Namely, your products may become more expensive. The ingredients list on the back of your products is about to become four to six times longer. And this will force smaller, independent personal care companies to raise prices or shut down.

The truth about this act is, it’s a corrupt little piece of work by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics. A loud and vocal non-profit with lobbying powers that’s celebrating its impending victory over Big Cosmetics while trampling little firms in the process.

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