Vera Wang’s Princess an Oriental Fragrance?

I have to laugh when I read PR releases for perfumes sometimes. Take the one for Vera Wang’s Princess for instance that bills it as a floral-oriental.


The only spectrum this weaksauce fragrance is going to inhabit is the likes of the gourmand floral where syrupy-sweet cake batter is mixed with a confusing array of equally sweet florals to create a miasma of scent reminiscent of the baking disasters I had when I was a kid.

You have admit, it’s pretty ballsy for them to bill this fragrance as a floral-oriental when they know full well the oriental classification encompasses greats like Shalimar and Opium. It’s almost like Princess is dying to become Queen but she doesn’t want to do any of the hard work when she gets there.

The only thing oriental about this fragrance is the vanilla. But if we were judging based on that alone, we’d have to classify Viva la Juicy as an oriental too. And that’s just silly.

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