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When people ask me to name my top three favorite fragrances at the moment, I tell them this: #1. Spirituese Double Vanille. #2. Plumdrop. #3 Chanel Allure.ย  Which then prompts them to say, “What was that about number two?” I love Plumdrop by Victoria’s Secret. It’s a competent, wearable, likable, well-done fragrance and I am not afraid to admit it. Plumdrop

In Bottle: Creamy, soft fruit. Fairly non-descript on the fruit part. It’s like a vanilla bean milkshake with a heap of whipping cream a sprinkle of icing sugar, mixed with plums, a little coconut and topped with jasmine.

Applied: The linearity of this fragrance makes it hard to really review its fragrance life as it pretty much has one smell that it sticks to and does fairly well. So is it a top note, middle note, or base note? I don’t know, guys. I don’t think it matters. It has one smell. Pretty much what you smell in the bottle is what you get on skin. On paper, it’s a fruity floral with an added dollop of creaminess. That creamy, milky feel this fragrance has is what sets it apart from the generic fruity floral that tends to focus on the sweetness. Plumdrop is sweet, but it’s main priority is smelling like a really good milkshake. Plumdrop has a fairly decent life on skin as its creamy fruity floral scent is a nice captured essence for a spring day, or even a hot summer day. It’s lovely, girly, highly versatile. It would be hard to offend someone smelling like this because you just end up smelling like a fruity milkshake anyway. And sometimes, you just want to smell like a fruity milkshake without having to think about it. Fun, easy, and a little bit different.

Extra: Plumdrop is a member of Victoria’s Secret’s Beauty Rush line. To call it a perfume wouldn’t be exactly right. It’s not even really a body mist. It’s one of these new fangled innovations called moisturizing body mists. Victoria’s Secret calls Plumdrop and its concept similar brothers and sisters, Double Body Mists. You have an oil layer and a watery colored layer that contains the fragrance. Before using, you shake the stuff up to combine the two layers and spray it on for moisturizing properties and scent. I am a lazy person and I can get behind this 2 in 1 routine.

Design: Plumdrop comes in a plastic cylinder with two layers of product; an oil layer and a colored water and fragrance layer. Plumdrop is a light, pastel purple color. Prior to use you should shake this up because as experiments have revealed, the oil only layer does not smell good. The sprayer nozzle is a nice metallic material with a plastic cap. For a body mist/spray moisturizer the packaging is pretty good.

Fragrance Family: Fruity

Notes: Plum, milk, sugar, honeysuckle, violets, vanilla.

Those notes are approximations only. I was actually wrestling with whether or not this counts as a fragrance, and for a fragrance review blog. But hey, it’s got a scent, so why not?

Reviewed in This Post: Plumdrop, 2009, Oil and Body Mist.

6 thoughts on “Victoria’s Secret Plumdrop

  1. I LOVE the smell of Plumdrop as well, but I’m looking for a perfume that smells similar to it, do you have any suggestions?

    • Nice to see another Plumdrop lover here and thanks for the comment. It’s hard to recommend another perfume similar to Plumdrop because the scent is so unique. At least I think so.

      The closest perfume I can recommend is probably Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs’ Lady Una. A very nice honeyed cream fragrance with a mix of teas that smells somewhat fruity. It lacks the floral component of Plumdrop, unfortunately, but worth a sniff anyway.

      Of the fragrances I know of that may be aligned with the same creamy, fruity-floraliness of Plumdrop but not exactly smell like it, I can recommend:

      – Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs’ Kitsune-Tsuki: A fruity, raisin cream scent.

      – Harajuku Lovers G: Creamy, tropical coconut.

  2. Iยดm from Brazil and yestarday a frind of mine was with a Plumdrop above her desk, and I just couldnt resit but ask what was that. And when she told me and I smell ir, i fell in love, I just order one from me!

    • Happy to hear from more fans of this awesome fragrance! I hope you enjoy your bottle of Plumdrop when it comes in. ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. I live in Medellin Colombia and want one, no one sells. and I say they are not going to make or produce more

    • Looks like they discontinued it recently because I can’t find it on their site or in their stores anymore. I really wish stores like Bath and Body Works and Victoria’s Secret wouldn’t do this whole, “We’re going to discontinue this and maybe bring it back years later” thing. It’s very annoying.

      In the mean time, have you tried looking on Amazon? Some third party vendors carry it there and some may ship to Columbia. EBay sellers also carry it and may ship to Columbia too. Outside of that, I don’t know where else you might be able to snag some bottles, sorry I couldn’t be of more help. ๐Ÿ™

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