Hilarious Fragrances I Should Smell

I’m always up for something awful and that includes perfumes. There’s only so much gushing praise I can pour out for beautiful, well-composed fragrances. My dictionary of disdain is a larger tome than the one I use for praise. There’s also a chance that in finding a supposed “awfully” tacky perfume, I might be pleasantly surprised when I come to like how it smells.

So for amusement purposes to give this review blog a bit more kick, the following fragrances are on my hit list:

  • “Spirit” by American Idol
  • “Disney Princess Variety Collection” by Disney
  • “Absolutely Fabulous” by Revlon
  • “Arrogant” by English Laundry (Really? “Arrogant”?)
  • “Barbie Variety Collection” by Mattel
  • “Bratz Variety Collection” by MGA
  • “Ice Age 2 The Meldown” by Air Val International
  • “The Little Mermaid” by Disney
  • “Mary-Kate and Ashley” by Mary-Kate and Ashley
  • “Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse” by Disney (Seriously, Disney, just stop it)
  • “Pirates of the Caribbean” by Air Val International
  • Any Axe Fragrance by Axe

Got any suggestions of horribly tacky perfume I need to assault my nostrils with? Leave me a comment!

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