Victoria’s Secret Amber Romance

Amber Romance is a part of Victoria’s Secret’s Secret Garden Collection of which Love Spell is a member. Most of the fragrances are relatively simple, with some minor complexity but if you want complexity, you’ll likely have to look elsewhere. Of all the Secret Garden scents, Amber Romance is probably my favorite. Amber Romance

In Bottle: Creamy vanilla flowers with a hint of fruity, licorice-like cherry sitting on top. This stuff is sweet, strong and very familiar.

Applied: Blast of something over-sweet and fruity right up front that is quick to fade as the flowers and some smoother, rounder, creamier fruits take up the mid-stage with the florals being dead center. The vanilla is ever present, lending a nice sweetness to the whole scent and into the dry down the vanilla gets a bit more cakey and sugary when the florals recede. This stuff reminds me a lot of Chanel Allure and Fruits and Passion Orchid. Mostly because these three fragrances are sort of built on the same floral vanilla principle. Chanel Allure has a hand above Amber Romance for being a much more complex scent with a better blend. It also tends to last longer with a nicely tempered projection as well, whereas Amber Romance goes on loud, then settles down and disappears much quicker. I prefer Amber Romance to Fruits and Passion Orchid, however, as Amber Romance’s dry down does not involve the slightly strange powdery plastic that I detected in Orchid. The dry down to Amber Romance is a pleasant soft wood and vanilla without a whole lot of fanfare.

Extra: Like most members of the Secret Garden collection, Amber Romance has a number of other products available so you can layer your scent and make it last longer. There’s lotion, body mist, shower gels, body creams, body butters, hand sanitizers, and of course the eau de toilette featured in this post.

Design: Amber Romance is packaged in the same way as Love Spell. An unassuming small glass cylinder bottle with a spray nozzle and a metal cap. The fragrance’s name and other identifying markers are presented on a clear sticker applied to the bottle. The rest of the information is on a sticker applied to the bottom of the bottle. No fancy tricks, no fancy shapes, just simple and easy.

Fragrance Family: Floral

Notes: Black cherry, crème anglaise, vanilla and sandalwood.

Amber Romance is a remarkably powerful scent for what it is, and if you plan on getting some of this stuff, keep that in mind. If you’re not a fan of strong scents, definitely opt for the body mist over the eau de toilette or ease up on the trigger finger. It’s powerful stuff.

Reviewed in This Post: Amber Romance, 2009, Eau de Toilette.