Secretions Magnifiques is the Answer

The internet is covered the world over in trolls. But some of the best trolls are ones that love making fun of perfume. They seem to come in a few varieties. My favorites are the ones that suggest “someone” in this big smelly would should make a perfume that smells like any manner of unpleasantness. Most often it’s one bodily secretion or another. Which is where I come in with the fragrance I’ve come to refer to as the Troll of the Perfume Industry; Secretions Magnifiques.

Someone thinking they’re clever in suggesting a perfume that smells unwashed? Secretions Magnifiques.

They think a perfume should smell like blood or old blood? Secretions Magnifiques.

They want to smell like vomit? Well, how about something vomit inducing? Secretions Magnifiques.

I don’t like how the stuff smells. But it is a brilliant gimmick.

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