That Smell Going Forward

I thought it would be fair to address That Smell’s first year online as a fragrance review blog and what my plans for this little piece of smelly internet will be. We’re growing slowly but I’m pleased with the progress. This is especially nice for me to see considering this is a blog that I keep up and write in for fun.

I’ve met some of you through the comments and have been happy to know you and see what you thought about fragrances and issues surrounding perfume. I hope 2011 and onward brings more of you fragrance fans out to the comment boxes. I would love to hear from more of you guys!

Let’s make a list of future goals and plans because I like lists!

1) Let’s address the elephant in the room first. I will be upfront about where I hope this blog will be headed. It is a small, slightly-amusing, dream of mine to one day make this little blog self-sustaining. Or, in other words, I would like That Smell to make enough money to pay for its web hosting and domain fees because I am currently footing the bill out of my sad and dilapidated wallet. That means, at some point (probably not soon), That Smell may display some unobtrusive text ads. I hope this is not a big deal for my current readers or future readers. For now, however, I am still paying for all this myself and will be doing so for the foreseeable future.

2) I’ve gotten used to the update schedule of 3-5 updates a week and my nose hasn’t slowed down any. I still have lots of notes and  lots of fragrance samples to go through and new perfumes are still being released at an admirable rate. So the update schedule has steadied out at weekdays with 3-5 per week.

3) Over the past year, I’ve mainly focused on accessible fragrances and neglected the niche and independent markets a little bit. It would seem that a lot of people don’t mind this and I do intend to continue focusing on mainstream and accessible fragrances with a couple of smatterings of niche and independent houses in there and the occasional cameo from hilariously bad fragrances that are hard to find or get a hold of (Here’s lookin’ at you, Bruce Willis). But ultimately, it still comes down to what I can get my grubby hands on so hey, the system works so why break it?

And now some possibly interesting statistics about this blog:

As of this posting we have 290 entries scattered across a variety of topics. 232 of these posts are fragrance reviews. The most popular post is The Dangers of Counterfeit Perfumes with 2731 views.

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