Bieber Fever Hits Perfume

After this relatively low-key release of some scented dog tags earlier this year, the Beebs decides to move into actual fragrance territory with his new scent, “Someday” to be developed by Prestige Perfumes.

Prestige, as some of you may know, are responsible for perfumes from companies such as Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein, Burberry, Bvlgari, and Dolce & Gabbana.

So while we can rest assured that Bieber’s perfume won’t smell awful, we can also be sure it’ll smell generic. The mainstream perfume consumer side of things is already abuzz with this new release. Half want to smell this to see if it’ll smell bad (it won’t, but they will say it does anyway because it’s got Bieber’s name on it) the other half is on the edge of their seats waiting for this to be released in June. On the fragrance critic and addict side, we’re sweeping this one under the rapidly crowded area beneath the “celebuscent rug”.

As for me, you bet I’ll be out to see what becomes of Someday.