Perfumes That Smell Like Laundry

It’s interesting how popular it is to smell like laundry. Though the phenomenon can’t be a surprise to many people. Laundry, soap, and shampoo scents are some of the most brilliant compositions in terms of mass market appeal. There are a lot of people who can say they don’t like the smell of perfume. But a significantly fewer amount of people who would say they hate the smell of soap or clean clothes.

So it’s  not surprising to me that many people want to smell like clean clothes or clean laundry. The following fragrances are scents that hit it on the head when it comes to that fresh out of the dryer smell.

Bath and Body Works Cotton Blossom
Cotton Blossom’s best feature is it’s clean, sharp soapy composition that reminds me of dryer sheets. It’s also pretty strong for a body mist and the beauty if it all is that it’s cheap too. You can pick up a huge bottle (more than 200ml) for $12 or less and Bath and Body Works is always having sales. That’s not to mention that one wouldn’t have to drive very far to find a Bath and Body Works store. And if you happen to live in a small town, there’s always the well-stocked website. Cheap, smells like laundry, accessible, and pretty decent projection to boot. I can’t really ask for more. Review>>

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Wensleydale
Wensleydale is a double threat. If you want to smell like soap, it’s got you covered. If you want to smell like laundry, it’s still got you covered. The cotton note used in this makes it the perfect fragrance for laundry smell seekers. The soapy smell in this makes it great for those wanting to smell like they just stepped out of the shower. Wenlseydale can be purchased on the Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab website under Neil Gaiman > Good Omens for $26 per 5ml of fragrance oil. Don’t worry, those 5ml will last you a very long time.

Boadicea the Victorious Pure
If you were looking for more niche and more prestige in your laundry smell quest, Boadicea the Victorious’ Pure is a clean, laundry-esque fragrance that hits it just right between crisp citrus, and clean clothing. It’ll cost you a pretty penny though as this stuff will run you $175 for 50ml. You can hook yourself up with some BtV Pure at Lucky Scent. Review>>

Philosophy Pure Grace
Philosophy’s interpretation of Pure Grace is a clean, crispy little floral with a very soapy interpretation. If you wanted clean and laundry then this is your stuff. It’s a bit pricier than a Bath and Body Works body mist but it isn’t going to break the bank like a niche laundry fragrance either. You can nab yourself a 60ml bottle for $40 at Sephora.

Demeter Laundromat
Nobody can quite top Demeter Fragrance Library when it comes to making literal interpretations of fragrances. Laundromat is exactly what you would think it is. The smell of clean laundry, plain and simple. The only downside is the lack of longevity for this fragrance. But hey, you can get a pretty hefty amount of perfume for a variety of reasonable prices on their website.

Clean Warm Cotton
The very fact that the company’s name is ‘Clean’ should tell you that these people know their laundry scents. Warm Cotton is a nice interpretation that will remind many people of their clean clothes and detergents. At $69 for 63ml of laundry smell, Warm Cotton will run you a bit more than Philsophy’s Pure Grace. But if you want to see how much this smells like your laundry you can get some of this stuff at Sephora.

And there you have it, a few laundry-esque recommendations. If you look at the lowest common denominator in the above recommendations you’ll note that most of those fragrances have some sort of relationship with the cotton note. So if none of these float your laundry boat, try looking for other fragrances that boast the clean cotton smell. If you have any further recommendations for laundry-esque scents, feel free to leave a comment. I love smelling like laundry too.