A Compilation of Odd Thoughts

I really wish stores that sell perfume would stop displaying their testers under super bright lights (looking at you, Sephora). It degrades the perfume inside of the bottle and eventually alters the smell. That’s not to mention the heat those lights give off are not very good for the juice either.

Shalimar Ad

Shalimar Ad

I wonder if anyone has ever literally taken a perfume bath. And not like spraying a couple of spritzes into bathwater. But a situation where they bathe in a tub of Eau de Toilette. I bet it’s terrible for your skin and hair and doesn’t even smell that good and you’ll probably get bored of the scent long before it leaves you.

I wish factices were a lot easier to locate and buy. I’ve wanted a giant quality Shalimar factice for a while for the sole purpose of just–having it.

Speaking of Shalimar, I didn’t realize it before how much the new ads for it have changed. Not sure I like the direction they’re taking it either. Then again, I tend to prefer the classic ads anyway.

When will I ever just bite the bullet and buy that bottle of vintage Chypre de Coty off my friend like I always wanted? Is it because I’m worried it won’t smell as good as I think it will? If that was the case, why do I keep going to my sample to reaffirm that yes, Chypre de Coty still smells awesome.

Is Agonist still absurdly expensive? Yes.

So they have this show coming soon to some channel I forgot the name of called Collection Intervention. It’s silly and all. But it makes me wonder if I’ll ever amass as much perfume as that guy amassed Star Wars memorabilia.

4 thoughts on “A Compilation of Odd Thoughts

  1. For a while I thought that shops go through testers of perfumes so fast that it doesn’t really matter under which conditions they store those testers. But then once in Sephora I sprayed a perfume that I knew very well – and was horrified by the fact that they had a tester with a spoiled perfume out for people to try. Since then, even when I come somewhere with an idea to try something on the skin, I spray it first on a blotter to check if the particular bottle is still OK.

    • The same thing pretty much happened to me at Sephora. I think it was a bottle of Vera Wang Princess that I sprayed and was repulsed by because it had gone off. I’m no fan of Princess, but it shouldn’t have smelled as bad as that tester did!

  2. The antique store nearest my house has a huge, empty Thierry Mugler Angel factice displayed on a shelf. But they want so much money for it, you’d think it was full of extrait.

    • That’s the thing with those factices, they’re almost always so expensive! I remember seeing a Shalimar factice once (probably what got me obsessed with wanting one for myself). The store owner was a bit reluctant to talk about selling it but she quoted me $700 and that was the end of that conversation.

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