Notes I Love

I’ve been shifting and changing, growing more experienced about what I want in a fragrance and the list of notes that I love today might not be the same as the one I’ll make next year. But these days, I’m craving some very specific notes and some notes, I’ve just wanted to find holy grail fragrances for and haven’t been able to locate those yet.

Photo by: Jo Anna Barber

Here are the notes that I’m loving right now.

Holy Grail: Spiritueuse Double Vanille
I love vanilla, but not the faux vanilla that has a tendency to smell like plastic when it’s poorly blended. But boozy, spicy vanilla with a touch of woods. My favorite for this category is still Guerlain’s SDV, whose boozy, woodsy spicy vanilla hits the spot.

Holy Grail: Still looking
A good amber to me is smooth, warm, comforting and settles quietly on the skin. I have yet to find an amber fragrance that I’m totally happy with.

Holy Grail: Honey Blossom
Honey Blossom isn’t so much a single note of honey, if that were the case, I’d just get single notes and be done with it. Rather Honey Blossom an entire perfume that beautifully depicts the concept of a honeyed floral. It smells inviting and pretty. I just wish I had a lot more of it.

Holy Grail: Still looking
I’m picky about jasmine because it’s in so many fragrances as it is. I’m looking for a scent that really showcases a green, fresh jasmine that isn’t too overpowering because strong jasmine doesn’t smell too great either. There has to be a delicate balance and I’m still looking for my favorite.

Holy Grail: Still looking
If any note could take me back to my childhood, it would be sandalwood. This is another one that I’m really picky about and as a result, haven’t found my favorite yet. The closest so far is Guerlain’s Samsara whose perfumed sandalwood inspired some brief nostalgia, but not anywhere near enough.

So what notes draw you in? And as always, I’m open to any suggestions on my search for a holy grail for every note.

Photo Credit: Jo Anna Barber