Farmacia Ambra Nera

Another sample from the truly awesome, Steve from The Scented Hound. Ambra Nera is a parfum concentration amber scent that smelled pleasant from the sampler vial.

Ambra Nera

Ambra Nera

In Bottle: Smooth amber with a blast of eucaluptus and a hint of patchouli and touch of cypress.

Applied: The first thing I got from Ambra Nera was the eucalyptus, followed by the amber and a nice sense of warmth. The cypress rolls in during the midstage giving the scent a touch of woodsiness without being too overwhelming, the fragrance as a whole takes on a slightly green feel near the end of the mid-stage as it rolls into a lovely powdered amber with a hint of sweetness. Very pleasant, exquisitely sophisticated, and rather surprising as I was expecting something a bit more bold from this, but its softness is very appealing.

Extra: Ambra Nera was the brainchild of Farmacia SS. Annunziata dal 1561. It’s available on Lucky Scent.

Design: Pretty simple bottle, but gets the job done. Looks nice, simple and modern. Nothing garish on this so it can sit anywhere and suit just about any style.

Fragrance Family: Oriental

Notes: Cypress, eucalyptus, amber, benzoin, vetiver, vanilla, patchouli.

Very pleasantly surprised with Ambra Nera, I enjoyed the subtle sweetness of the amber and its nice soft progression.

Reviewed in This Post: Ambra Nera, 2012, Parfum.

4 thoughts on “Farmacia Ambra Nera

  1. In the opening phase something in the perfume reacted badly on my skin so though in the drydown it turned out very pleasant and I had all the intentions to test it again since then I didn’t have courage to do that. One day I will!

    • Maybe it was the eucaplytus? It did smell a tiny bit medicinal upon application to me, but that quickly went away. Definitely give it a second try though. 🙂

  2. Kay – a little goes a long way with this. It actually is much better dabbed on than sprayed on. In fact, it just didn’t work for me anymore so now Freddie from Smellythoughts is the proud owner of my bottle!

    • I was rather shocked that it was a parfum concentration that could be sprayed. Parfum definitely needs to be dabbed most of the time, it would really be overwhelming if sprayed on.

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