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Demeter’s Greenhouse caught my eye because, well, as of late I’ve had this strange urge to build a greenhouse, grow some tropical flowers and spend some quiet time among plants. Then one of my neighbor’s children will fling a baseball into our yard and probably smash the whole thing up. That is when I realize we need a fence before a greenhouse. So, in lieu of the real thing, I reach for Demeter’s Greenhouse.



In Bottle: As tangental as I was in that introductory paragraph, Greenhouse gets to the point a bit faster. Unfortunately that point seems to be, “I smell fake!”.

Applied: I’ve been in a few greenhouses growing up. One of my cousins has one in his backyard where he grows vegetables, fruits, flowers and other things that make me jealous because the best I’ve done is a couple of spindly trees and a sick looking fern. Some of my favorite smells is the scent of humidity, moist earth, green leaves with a faint aroma of flowers. That’s not what I get from Demeter’s Greenhouse. I get a synthetic green herbal shock with a dollar store level floral note in the background. It’s not unpleasant, but it’s not greenhouse either. There’s a bit of moistness to the fragrance, but it’s really quite off from the greenhouses I’ve been in. I suppose it’s hard to capture the essence of something that could have such widely varying characteristics, and really, I’m not taking away points because bottled Greenhouse doesn’t smell like my cousin’s greenhouse. I’m taking away points because something in this smells really synthetic. While not unpleasant, I can’t agree that this is a greenhouse.

Extra: It wasn’t until my recent move and discovery that not every living plant I touch immediately turns brown did I discover that I actually like gardening. Or at least, I would love to garden. Fence first. Garden after. Real greenhouse someday. In the mean time, Demeter’s Greenhouse isn’t going to cut it for me.

Design: Designed simply just like every other Demeter fragrance. Nice simple bottle, not high end or luxe in anyway. For the price point this is pretty much all I expected and if nothing else, the bottles are reusable.

Fragrance Family: Floral

Notes: Florals, green notes.

I might be ragging on Greenhouse a little too much. Really, it’s okay. Pleasant if I were to push it a little. But to me, it’s by no means a greenhouse smell.

Reviewed in This Post: Greenhouse, 2012, Cologne Spray.

4 thoughts on “Demeter Greenhouse

  1. Have you got a chance to try Ineke’s Hothouse Flower already?
    I don’t think I can imagine how a real hothouse smells (the closest to it – I’ve been to the Conservatory of Flowers) so if I come across Demeter’s version I’ll try it though I’m not a big fan of this line: there isn’t enough time to wear all my more complex (even simple ones) perfumes, so Demeter will never get any time on my skin (but I own several – just because they were dirt cheap).

    • I have tried Hothouse Flower. It wasn’t truly a greenhouse smell, but it was a really, really lovely gardenia with a nice misty greenness to it. It makes me think of waterfalls. I agree on the Demeters, I don’t wear any of them on a regular basis, though I had an Earl Grey a while ago that I really liked. When that ran out, I got a bit tired of the line. These are fun in small amounts but I can’t imagine using anywhere near even 35ml of any Demeter. They ought to start packaging cute samples and selling those. I’d be snatching them up just for fun and testing.

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