M. Micallef Aoud

M. Micallef’s Aoud is celebrating its 10th Anniversary and I got a hold of a little deluxe sample courtesy of Jeffrey Dame from Hypoluxe.



In Bottle: Fresh, woodsy with a little bit of sweetness. Masculine, but not so overtop masculine that a woman wouldn’t enjoy wearing this.

Applied: The aoud lends a very nice, mellow and well-rounded golden type of scent to the fragrance and it’s the aoud that really carries the rest of the scent. Layered beneath the aoud is a fabulous spicy incense that drifts around the heart notes in delicate little veils of lightness. At the bottom is a soft patchouli and a sweet coat of honey. I think what really ultimately what makes Micallef’s Aoud so awesome, it’s the fact that it’s a masculine scent but it doesn’t throw it in your face. It’s slow, complex and subtle but extremely effective and completely wearable.

Extra: Aoud was originally released in 2003 and is described as a masculine oriental woodsy fragrance.

Design: Aoud’s bottling harkens to a bit more familiar territory with me as its style is what I saw first years ago from Micallef and it’s what I identify their packaging with the post. It’s a lovely circle bottle with a touch of modern and plenty of style.

Fragrance Family: Oriental Woodsy

Notes: Rose, aoud, sandalwood, cinnamon, saffron, clove, patchouli.

I really quite like Aoud, and I’ve had a few that were quite strong and quite classical and Micallef’s Aoud hits that sweet spot with me where I can enjoy a strong note, but would really like it toned down sometimes.

Reviewed in This Post: Aoud, 2013, Eau de Parfum.

2 thoughts on “M. Micallef Aoud

  1. Thank you Kay. The Micallef Aoud is wonderfully balanced. Aouds are everywhere now, seems every perfume line has a version, but the Aoud from Martine Micallef and Geoffrey Nejman from 10 years ago really kicked off the western market trend towards Aoud scents. Little did they know what they started. At the time it was really just Micallef Aoud and Amouage Aouds; and the Amouage Aouds were at that moment too Arabic and were then toned down for export markets. I’m glad you enjoyed wearing Micallef Aoud. It does hit the “sweet spot”. J [USA Micallef distributor]

    • Thanks for dropping by, Jeffrey and talking a little bit about the history of this fragrance. I really prefer lighter scents over heavier and found a lot of the Aouds to be too overpowering for everyday wear, while I love their headiness I do appreciate the lighter more wearable aoud that this represents.

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