Ineke Sweet William

I was wowed into trying Sweet William from seeing its packaging. There are two things I can’t resist (okay, there’s actually  a lot of things I can resist, but these are the two I can think of right now) 1) perfume, 2) books. You slap those two things together and you might as well just take my money right now.

Sweet William

Sweet William

In Bottle: Sweet William opens with a sweet and spicy peach with a smooth application of clove.

Applied: The fragrance goes on so light and sweet and pretty that I feel like putting on a flowery dress and frolicking in some random fields. The peach is so uncandy-like (thank goodness!) that it almost verges on a spicy orange opening. Sweet William is girly with a dose of spice to make sure it’s not all silliness and has a little bit of sophistication as well. The mid-stage is a sweet carnation with a soft beautifully done sandalwood and vanilla waft. Its dry down marks no sharp notes, no stray and misused cedar or patchouli at all. It’s a lovely, soft, warm spicy woods. Just lovely!

Extra: Sweet William by Ineke is a part of a limited edition collection of scents called Floral Curiosities. The packaging is adorable, and I was delighted to find that the sampler collection comes in what appears to be a book.

Design: The bottle itself is fairly similar to other Ineke 75mls, packaged in a lovely box and looking very nice. I have to shamefully admit that I would rather get the travel spray just because it’s packaged in another adorable book box. I’m a little obsessed with this packaging, you see.

Fragrance Family: Woodsy Spicy Floral

Notes: Peach, cinnamon, clove, carnation, sandalwood, cedar, patchouli, vanilla.

At the time of this writing, I haven’t yet tried the other fragrances that come with the sampler (I highly recommend giving this a try, especially if you’re looking for something outside of the standard department store fare for someone extra special), but I’m already delighted enough with Sweet William that I wonder what the others will be like. If nothing else, the beautifully done Sweet William has my vote.

Reviewed in This Post: Sweet William, 2013, Eau de Parfum.

6 thoughts on “Ineke Sweet William

  1. I really love that sampler so much…one of the most innovative packaging surprises of the year. As for Sweet William, probably my least favorite of the group and to be honest, none of them struck me as “must haves”. Happy Holidays Kay!

    • Happy Holidays to you too, Steve! I found myself really liking all of the samplers in the book. I think their flowery, girly, happy personalities hit a latent chord with me. 😀

  2. I bought the little book with the samples in it: it is good quality and a nice curio. Out of all the flower scents, I only liked Briar Rose and even that only on the top notes. I think these flower waters are really not complex enough for someone who wears niche perfume. But the packaging is super!

    • I love the packaging, even if I didn’t like any of the fragrances, I would forgive it because of the clever way it was presented. But then, I’m a huge sucker for packaging lol. 😀

  3. You have to try the rest quickly! If you like any of them enough to go for a bottle (using the coupon that came with the discovery set if you bought it) now is the perfect time: they offer free shipping which doesn’t happen too often.

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