That Smell is a fragrance review and variety blog.  I love fragrances. I love all manner of fragrances, even the ones I don’t like, because I feel a crafted fragrance should be appreciated whether it is of my tastes or not.  I do my best not turn up my nose at a chance to smell perfume be it a artful classic from the 1800s, the latest trendsetter, or the fanciful mix from an artisan’s start-up house.

I love perfume, and for me, it is something fun to write about. It relieves stress, is fun, and has allowed me to learn so much about fragrances and the perfume industry since I started this blog. I am but a humble blogger with opinions about what is good and what isn’t. I am in no way, shape or form an expert. I just like fragrances for the joy they provide.

FTC Disclaimer

Most products reviewed on That Smell were purchased by me using my own money. Of the products that I received for free I will disclose in a disclaimer message at the end of the review in a blockquote item.

I do not receive any compensation for my reviews or opinions of any of the products written on this blog. That Smell is an independent hobby blog that I fund myself. This blog does not currently make any revenue or receive any form of compensation from advertising, affiliations, partnerships, or fees. I cannot guarantee that this will always be the case but for now, this is how it’ll work.

Update Schedule

This blog is updated during the weekdays (Monday to Friday), usually Tuesday and Thursday.