Chunky Earl Grey Tea

I have a small bottle of Earl Grey Tea by Demeter and much to my chagrin, it looks like the stuff is starting to turn. Now, this is not a new thing for Demeter as I’ve noticed most of their fragrances start to turn rather early in their lives as little white specks float around in the juice.

It happened to several bottles sitting at Sephora, and it’s happening to my Earl Grey Tea. I’m thinking this is not a coincidence and is just an unfortunate combination of Demeter’s removable sprayer nozzle and whatever components they choose to use in their perfumes.

This is a fairly new, two year bottle that has been properly taken care of. Just as a comparison, an older Annick Goutal in my possession with the same removable sprayer nozzle is not experiencing this bout of unpleasantness so it cannot be entirely blamed on the removable sprayer. I would absolutely hate it if the industry got rid of removable sprayers because I want to be able to reuse my bottles.

In either case, I love Earl Grey. It still smells fine but I am contemplating dumping the juice before it decides to become sentient and I would be leery of their products from this point on. Don’t get me wrong, I love the stuff but this is just silly.

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