What’s Floating in my Perfume?

Have you ever taken a look at your bottle of perfume and noticed some white stuff, dust, or specks floating around in it? Ever wondered what the heck that stuff is?

Me too.

As near as I can tell and presume, the following scenarios may be possible:

1. Your perfume was improperly sealed thus allowing dust or other impurities into the juice, thus producing that residue that now resides with your fragrance.

2. The bottle was not cleaned properly/enough prior to pumping the perfume into it and the residue is a result of those leftover impurities.

3. Your perfume bottle is refillable (ie. the sprayer comes off easily) and the lack of a factory seal has allowed impurities to sneak their way into your juice.

4. The components used to make up your perfumes are reacting poorly with one another and causing the residue.

5. Your fragrance is counterfeit and has been composed of poor ingredients that are reacting badly with one another, the counterfeit uses dirty water, or has been contaminated with some unknown residue.

6. The fragrance was not properly preserved or fixed by the manufacturer and that debris you see in the bottle is yucky bacteria.

As you can see, regardless of what might be happening inside with your juice, you should probably dispose of it or demand a refund. If you purchase a bottle of perfume with residue be it dust, weird white stuff, or sediment, you need to take it back and get the store to exchange it as you can’t be sure what that stuff could be.