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In Villa

In Villa

Up today is another decant from Steve at The Scented Hound (thank you). I really have no method to my madness, so I decided upon Colonia Assoluta In Villa because it was the closest one.

In Bottle: Green citrus, I get a lot of lime and bergamot, with a big dose of woodsy notes.

Applied: Lime and bergamot on opening, reminds me of greenness and it only gets more green when the cypress quickly rolls in. When I looked up the notes for this Acqua di Parma wants to tell me they used cedar. Now, I’m not a great nose when it comes to well-behaved cedar because it’s always going funky on my skin. If this is cedar, then it’s behaving really well. The citrus is quick to dissolve, leaving cedar holding the bag until a clean waft of florals rolls in during the midstage with the very barest touch of spice. The scent gets decidedly less floral near the end where the green cedar continues to carry it forward with a touch of warmth from a very faint amber note. The fragrance reminds me a lot of an adorable little cottage I saw once. It was–funny enough–in the middle of a city, but the owner had enough land that despite metropolitan life going on around him, he managed to have a beautifully done wooded area surrounding his property. It looked like a page out of a storybook and In Villa reminds me of that.

Extra: Colonia Assoluta In Villa was released in 2009 by Acqua di Parma.

Design: I actually really like the bottle for In Villa, it’s elegant and simple. Modern with a little bit of classic flair so that it doesn’t look outdated. I think what sells this bottle for me (in terms of aesthetics) is that it has a balloon pump, which gives it a classic charm. Though as Steve noted, the balloon pump adds an element of beauty to the bottle, but it’s not great when you go to use it. From my experience with balloon pumps, I can eagerly agree.

Fragrance Family: Woodsy

Notes: Lemon, lime, bergamot, cardamom, chili pepper, jasmine, rose, ylang-ylang, cedar, white musk, amber.

I was really happy with how well the cedar in this worked on me, but aside from the surprising mild cedar, there’s not a whole lot going on with In Villa. It’s pretty enough, but it’s not my kind of thing. But if it is your kind of thing, you can buy a whopping 200ml of this stuff. That’s a lot of In Villa!

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4 thoughts on “AdP Colonia Assoluta In Villa

  1. I haven’t tried this one yet (I also got a sample from Steve) but I will eventually. Out of curiosity – since I do not invision myself ever buying a 200 ml bottle of anything (well, unless a perfume I can’t imagine living without is being discontinued and that’s the only available size). But from the description it sounds like a coligne might like (again, not enough for 200 ml… 😉 ).

    Are think those pumps are cute. When I was growing up my grandfother had colognes with those balloon pumps. And I really like them for Guerlain perfumes. To look at. But I heard that Guerlain bottles are less hermetic this way – so I do not use those tops.

    • The Guerlains do look gorgeous with the balloon pumps. I have one with the pump. My goal is to finish the fragrance then display the bottle with the pump. While I love, love, love the look of the balloon pumps there are a ton of problems with them. Most of my problems involved having to squeeze the balloon pump several times, and I had a lot of issues with the perfume dribbling out too. They weren’t a good experience :-(. The only balloon pump I had that really worked well was (sadly enough) a bottle of Victoria’s Secret Sexy Little Things Noir.

  2. Kay – I’m with you spot on with you thoughts on this. I purchased this a couple of years ago before I really paid attention to fragrances. IN the past, every once in a while a sales assistant could talk me into anything. 200ml is WAAAAY too much. Thankfully my hubby really likes this so what I do is decant this for him every other month for easier spraying. As pretty as the pump is, you get a lot of air mixed in with the spray… it’s very cumbersome!

    • I almost bought a 200ml bottle of Infusion d’Iris by Prada once. As much as I like it, I don’t think I could handle 200ml of it and I’m glad I didn’t get it. The largest bottle I ever got was a 125ml bottle of Banana Republic Classic. Even though it was only 25ml more than a standard 100ml, it still seemed like that bottle lasted forever and I got so bored of it around the 75ml mark.

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