Yay, New Layout

New design for That-Smell thanks to my day job at Iron Ion. Decided to keep it simple, especially since it is a blog layout first and not a full website. I’m happy with it. Happy with the colors. Happy with the look. Especially happy that if something were to go wrong, I can at least pinpoint the problem!

I have always had trouble designing for myself and feel like nothing is ever quite as good as I imagined it to be. I think a lot of artists and designers feel this way–or maybe it’s just me. It feels like my hands produce something different from what I had in my head. But for now, this new layout makes me happy.

4 thoughts on “Yay, New Layout

  1. Yay!!! 🙂

    Let me start from saying: I know nothing about the design – web or otherwise.
    Having said that, I really like the colors you’ve chosen and the airy feeling to the site. I also like better the proportion navigation/main window more than in one of the previous templates you went through recently. But it’ll take some time to get used to the placement of the navigation (which is strange – if I think about it – since up until 5-7 years ago most websites had their navigation on the left).

    • Thanks, Undina! I was wrestling with which side to place the navigation and settled on the left in case I gathered up the energy to make this layout responsive (I have it in my head that I can achieve that easier if the navigation is on the left).

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