Biehl Parfumkunstwerke gs03

Another sampler from Jeffrey Dame at Hypoluxe. I wasn’t sure what I was expecting after gs02, though I was pleasantly surprised when I tried out gs03!



In Bottle: Nice, soft white florals with an layer of woods.

Applied: Slight citrus kick on spray but quick to dissipate as it’s replaced with a smooth white floral fragrance with an under layer of woods to back it up. The opening is fabulous. Very airy white florals, a slight spice to tie it together. It’s mid-stage is marked with a more prominent woodsy showing with those white florals layered on top. The dry down sees a smoother wood note, less florals and more soft warmth from a vetiver with a mild return of the citrus that disappeared in the top layer. This reminds me of laundry or very nice soap. And something in it also reminds me of something my mother used to wear. Nice, lovely and soft.

Extra: gs03 is a new launch from biehl parfumkunstwerke targeted both men and women. It was composed by by Geza Schoen, like gs02.

Design: A similar minimalist bottle design as gs02. Nothing flashy or outrageous. After having seen some of the latest celebuscent bottle designs, I appreciate simplicity like this a lot.

Fragrance Family: Floral Woodsy

Notes: Mandarin, orange blossom, neroli, pepper, juniper, rose, jasmine, iris, cedar, vetiver, castoreum, oakmoss, benzoin, tonka bean, musk.

Very nice, though a couple of times during the midstage I got a little worried about the cedar. That note doesn’t behave for me, but it did fine in gs03 as it was light and well done in this fragrance. Overall very nice and I prefer it over gs02 for its softness.

Reviewed in This Post: gs03, 2013, Eau de Parfum.

6 thoughts on “Biehl Parfumkunstwerke gs03

  1. I agree that it’s nice but I’m getting tired of Iso E Super. I do not mind it being used in general, I even like its smell “as is” but whenever I come across another perfume that uses it in such noticeable amount I can’t help thinking that they used this MCG equivalent for our nose to mask cheap ingredients and make us like the fragrance despite of that.

    • I’m still somewhat OK with it, For me, I’m getting kind of tired of sharp woods. If I remember right, I believe Geza Schon used Iso E Super as the single ingredient in Escentric Molecules, Molecule 01. I’m guessing he has an affinity for it. 😉

      • He did! And I own and like Molecule 01 a lot. But then he went on using the same Iso E Super probably in every single perfume he worked on including Ormonde Jayne’s perfumes. Which I still like a lot. But I’m getting tired 🙂
        (and I meant MSG, not MCG)

  2. At least you liked this perfume. When I got my sample which I won at fragrantica and I tried it I smelled a bit of citrus in the opening but then it was all reeking of ISO E Super with a metalic woody vibe. A definite NO from me.

    • I think maybe I’m still in that discovery phase for ISO E Super so I haven’t grown tired of it yet. Give me another year and I’ll be joining the ranks. 😀

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