Armani Code for Women

Armani Code for Women is the feminine version of Armani’s very popular men’s fragrance, Armani Code. Armani fragrances usually don’t do much for me in terms of scent but Code for Women is a crowd pleaser in the same vein and competence as Gucci Flora. It’s not a show-stopper with the perfumista crowd but it’s a nice enough fragrance. Code for Women

In Bottle: Pleasant light florals swirling around an equally light, clean citrus topper. Nothing spectacular to see here, folks.

Applied: Bright and clean citrus followed by light and airy florals. Easy to wear and sticks rather close to the skin. This fragrance can be sprayed a few times as it goes on really lightly and wears equally as light. After the top notes go away, it smells remarkably like really good shampoo. Clean, fresh, scrubbed sweet and powdery florals make up the mid-stage with no real depth or fanfare. If Armani Code for Women was a shampoo, it’d be a pretty popular–albeit generic smelling–brand. And I think that works for Code for Women. It’s not going to wow anyone into saying, “I’ve never smelled anything like it!” It’ll probably encourage compliments and pats on the back about how nice you smell though and that’s enough for a lot of perfume shoppers. I like Code for Women for its simplicity and cleanness. I like how quiet and well-behaved it is and particularly enjoy the shampoo smell of it too. The dry down is barely detectable and rather predictable as a vanilla woodsy scent.

Extra: Armani Code for Women caught my eye sooner than it caught my nose. It was the first readily available perfume bottle I’d seen in a while that could come with a balloon pump atomizer. I thought it was the bees knees but to get the balloon atomizer, you would need to get the Elixir concentration. Given how light and skin close this scent is, that might not be a bad idea.

Design: I love the bottle. it’s a beautiful glass bottle with gradients and girly floral designs. It’s a nice marriage between simple and decorative. The whole thing just goes so well together as a package. The sprayer is very good on all of the Code for Women bottles I’ve tried.

Fragrance Family: Fresh Floral

Notes: Blood orange, ginger, pear, jasmine, orange bossom, seringa flower, lavender honey, precious woods complex, vanilla.

I’ve had my eye on Code for Women for a while. A big bottle of it, actually, but I never quite got that extra nudge to actually purchase the thing. It’s nice, it’s easy to wear, but if I already have Gucci Flora, I don’t see the point in owning this. They smell different. They just serve the same purpose which is to be a young, airy, easy to wear scent.

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