Calgon Turquoise Seas

Number three of four in my original four pack of Calgon body sprays is Turquoise Seas. A fragrance I stated smells similar to Avril Lavinge Forbidden Rose. And I stand by that statement.

In Bottle: Clean aquatic white floral with a very heavy, sharp aqua note up front. There’s a slight sweetness to this stuff in the bottle too.

Applied: Sharp aquatics and white florals up front with a slight sweetness to take away from the sharpness of the fragrance. The floral aquatic opening is very reminiscent of Forbidden Rose as the fragrance digs into the mid-stage with the aquatics calming down a bit and letting the floral heart float up. I smell lilies and jasmine mostly in the mid-stage. This is is not a very complicated fragrance and it won’t get any more complicated when it starts to dry down with a cleaned up iris note mingling rather well with the aquatic lily jasmine. Turquoise Seas seems to add notes as it goes along rather than let notes drop off, which is a nice approach given how pleasant this ends up smelling by the end.

Extra: Turquoise Seas is a discontinued fragrance, which is a real shame because it’s a very wearable aquatic floral. If you do love it, there are still bottles of it kicking around on eBay.

Design: Once again, typically bottled in tall plastic cylinder with plastic sprayer nozzle. Nothing to phone home about, it’s simply practical. You’ll have to excuse the lack of a photo for this post, the bottle doesn’t look any different from its Calgon body mist brothers and sisters. The label depicts the image of an ocean, the body mist color is a light turquoise-blue. My own bottle is an empty, beat up mess so a photo of it won’t be indicative of what  it should look like.

Fragrance Family: Fresh Floral

Notes: Marine accord, lily, jasmine, iris, white musk.

Once again, I am guessing with the notes. Some people express some surprise when they find out that Calgon is a part of the Coty brand. Some aren’t too surprised until they find out that Coty is an old perfume house with quite a rich history and prestigious legacy. This is the house that made Chypre so I’m not surprised its body mists are not too bad. But maybe that’s the nostalgia talking.

Reviewed in This Post: Turquoise Seas, 1999, Body Mist.

Burberry Sport for Women

Rounding off this dual of Burberry Sports is the counterpart for Burberry Sport for Men. The women’s version is also a sporty fragrance that lacks originality and depth. But hey, it smells okay. Burberry Sport for Women

In Bottle: Florals layered on sharp citrus and a much lighter ginger treatment than the men’s version. The florals are a bit sweet and fruity. The citrus is awfully strong which is where I guess the sport part of this fragrance is from.

Applied: Nicely vibrant sweet floral citrus with that initial sharpness from the ginger. The ginger is rather fleeting in this but it does hang around and give the fragrance a bit of spiciness as the florals deepen and sweeten the longer you wear it. Burberry Sport for Women takes a turn for the sweet, creamy floral side in its mid-stage as the magnolia note amps up and makes itself quite well known. This smells sharp and clean but still very feminine. It’s a nice sporty equivalent to the men’s fragrance as the two share some similarities but are adequately unique from one another. The final dry down is a pleasant sun-warmed woodsiness with a pretty sweet and creamy floral backing.

Extra: I actually like, by and large, Burberry’s fragrances. Brit was nice, The Beat is nice, Burberry London is good. And these, while unspectacular, are also good fragrances with a nice tempered sporty scent. I just think their bottle designs are rather hit or miss and so far they’ve been missing a lot.

Design: Pretty much the exact same design as Burberry Sport for men only the outer casing is white instead of black. The glass bottle held within the casing is the same red as the men’s version. I still don’t like the bottle design.

Fragrance Family: Fresh

Notes: mandarin, ginger, marine accord, fresh magnolia, honeysuckle, petit grain, solar notes, cedar wood, musk.

Again, it’s a sporty fragrance. This stuff is meant to be easily worn and meant to smell like this. I do like these two fragrances that Burberry has released though. They smell good. Not fantastic, not unique, but they are good smells that won’t be offending anyone any time soon.

Reviewed in This Post: Burberry Sport for Women, 2010, Eau de Toilette.

Burberry Sport for Men

There are two releases in this line. A Burberry Sport for Men reviewed in this post and a Burberry Sport for Women. Both came out at around the same time a little earlier this year. Burberry Sport for Men

In Bottle: Cool ozone note with a spicy ginger and a bit of citrus. Really nice. I actually like how this smells. In terms of sports fragrances, it’s done a bit better than your typical “slap some citrus and marine notes together and call it a day”. I mean, this slaps some citrus and ozone together but that spicy ginger thing it does is pretty good.

Applied: Initial flare of ozone and sharp spicy ginger with citrus. The citrus is quick to dissolve and the ginger is the one that lingers around a little bit longer. The ozone lends a clean sharpness to Burberry Sport for Men. The mid-stage is dominated by a woodsiness with a clean sudsy background. I’m thinking someone’s taken a bucket of soap into the forest and started scrubbing down all the trees there. The spicy ginger note rapidly deteriorates in the mid-stage leaving you with soapy woodsiness. The final curtain for this fragrance is a warmed cedar and clean musk. This isn’t going to break any fragrance records any time soon as after its pleasant opening, the mid-stage and the dry down are fairly formulaic.

Extra: As mentioned earlier in the post Burberry Sport has a men and women’s fragrance. The men’s is black and red and the women’s is white and red.

Design: The bottle is a tall rectangular prism thing that is black and red in color. It operates on the same kind of style as the Ed Hardy fragrances where you have a cover over the rather plain perfume bottle itself. I’m not a big fan of that kind of design technique for bottles because the perfume bottle contained within the other casing is almost always plain to the point of boring. As if throwing together a half-hearted outer casing can excuse them from designing a nice looking bottle inside. As is the case with this. I don’t find it to be an attractive look for the bottle.

Fragrance Family: Fresh

Notes: Ginger, grapefruit, wheatgrass, marine accord, red ginger, juniper berries, dry amber, cedar wood, musk.

It’s a sports fragrance. So the depth and level of originality is not going to be that high. However, Burberry Sport for Men does a good job incorporating that ginger note into the opening. It was a very attractive fragrance, for the little while that it lasts anyway.

Reviewed in This Post: Burberry Sport for Men, 2010, Eau de Toilette.