Creed Sublime Vanille

I managed to stumble upon a very tiny sample of Creed Sublime Vanille thanks to a friend who asked me the other day when I’ll get my nose out work and into perfumes again. I didn’t realize what kind of treasure she had dropped into my lap until I did some research and promptly exclaimed, “What? Are you insane?”

Sublime Vanille

Sublime Vanille

In Bottle: A really, really light vanilla and some slight green notes that almost feel sour in the back of the throat.

Applied:  I really doubt my friend supplied me with a faulty sample and I fully believe the weakness of this sauce is due to Creed’s mixing. Or maybe it’s me. Whatever it is, I hardly get anything out of this. It smells of barely there vanilla and kind of leaves me wanting a lot more, especially after finding out its price tag ($710.00 on Creed’s website, if you were so inclined). I get a little hint of green sourness that I want to attribute to some kind of citrus. The two actually go pretty well together in the kind of way that you wouldn’t expect. Like those Terry’s chocolate orange things. Except unlike the chocolate oranges, this lacks in flavor, being kind of a weak throw type of scent. I feel like I need to line the inside of my nostrils in order to smell it. I can’t say that I am a fan.

Extra: Creed’s Sublime Vanille is a part of a collection of exclusives from the house. The flacons are beautiful and the price tag matches the aesthetic.

Design: Gorgeous design. I love the bottle, it looks nice and weighty and absurdly expensive. If someone were to break in one day, this would likely be the thing I’d hurl at them first–then I would regret it later. What? It’s $710 for stuff that barely smells like anything. I can be snarky.

Fragrance Family: Gourmand

Notes: Vanilla, tonka bean, orchid, musk, bergamot, lemon.

Maybe it’s because I’m older now, but I’m so much more cynical towards these pricey scents than I used to be. And perhaps the fact that this stuff costs so much that I expected so much more from it.

Reviewed in This Post: Sublime Vanille, 2014, Eau de Toilette.

5 thoughts on “Creed Sublime Vanille

  1. Thanks for a detailed review!
    You’re so lucky [or your friend’s really insane]. I have a passion for vanilla fragrances, and some sour scent would add much more fresh feels to the perfectly sweet vanilla. It’s pricey so I’d love a sample from an insane friend of mine too.
    Looking forward to your updates.

    • Lol, it was a really small sample in a 0.5ml tube. For some reason, I thought it was available for sampling on LuckyScent, but it looks like it isn’t, and it’s kind of a shame, but at the same time, I don’t feel like most people are missing out on much with this one. Thank you for dropping by, Melissa!

  2. As a big of a fan I am of Creed’s product line, one thing that really irks me is their quality control. I have bought several bottles of Milliseme Imperial and Green Irish Tweed (yes I am a fan boy of those scents)… and had atleast 3 smell “off” for whatever reason. Luckily, the small importer that I buy them from in Australia is a great guy and friend of mine who will replace them with ones that aren’t gone. ‘Tis a shame they’re so expensive though 🙁

    I found a website not too long ago that actually sold oil versions of the products, and they were very close. I’ve used them in between times when I run out when I don’t have too much extra money to splash on a luxury cologne… either way, they are some of my favorites.

    Great review and interesting website 🙂
    – Phero

    • Thank you for coming by, Phero. I’ve also had some issues with Creed in the past with their quality control. The one and only bottle I purchased was actually a half-full Green Irish Tweed. It didn’t smell like the fresh sample I had, which I attributed to its age. It’s good to know that I’m not the only person who has noticed this with their stock. 🙂

  3. Hey, just stumbled upon your blog, and love the detailed review. I really am missing some crazy friends like yours :PP this perfume sounded so promising based on the notes, but seems like such a let down now. Lovely post!!

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