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I tend to gloss over Gucci Rush every time I get near it and I can only attribute this phenomenon to one thing–that ugly packaging. I see that big, red, square thing sitting on the shelf and wonder to myself what it is I’m looking at. When I gravitate closer, I realize it’s Gucci Rush once again, blasting red into my retinas and generally turning me off.



In Bottle: Smells fake and isn’t afraid to admit it. Rush smells like my childhood days spent sitting in a corner reenacting fairy tales with plastic dolls that wore cheap, fruity perfumes.

Applied: I didn’t think that plastic, synthetic smell was on purpose. Evidently it was! Very brave of Gucci, but at the same time I question their sanity to be this forward about the synthetic quality of their scent. Still, I can appreciate a fragrance that doesn’t pretend to be something it’s not. It smells like plastic on application, mixed with over-the-top fruity notes. I notice the peach most of all, it’s a bit nauseating to be honest and the plastic stays on me for the rest of the fragrance’s lifetime–which is not necessarily a good thing. The scent has some florals in there to help balance it out but Rush is like a discordant piece of music written by a madman. The midstage is an equally hilarious blend ofย  white florals that smell like they rolled around in a pan of powder. As the fragrance dries down I get a hint of spicy plastic on florals and a powdery sort of vanilla base mixed with an earthy patchouli note that’s been warmed and dried by a bit of vetiver. The vetiver gives this a bit of a golden feel at the very end of the fragrance, I rather like that last little bit.

Extra: I tried looking around the internet to see what other people would lump Gucci Rush into in terms of fragrance family. I think the consensus was that this stuff was a modern chypre. I can see how it would be considered that with the use of the earthy patchouli, but if I had my way I wouldn’t so much call this a modern chypre than a synthetic chypre. That plastic note is still wigging me out months after I tried this stuff.

Design: Gucci Rush turned out to be a more interesting fragrance experience than I thought it would be. The packaging makes a bit more sense to me now but that doesn’t change the fact that the packaging has been a major turn off for me for many years. I understand what Gucci may have been going for there, but when it comes down to it, Gucci Rush’s aesthetic just looks cheap, lazy, and bad. As much as I appreciate its connection to the scent itself, I can’t get over the basic hideousness of the thing.

Fragrance Family: Modern Chypre

Notes: Freesia, gardenia, peach, coriander, Damask rose, jasmine, vanilla, vetiver, patchouli.

I kind of like this. It’s fascinating in that macabre way. You know when you’re flipping channels when you happen upon one of those live operations where they film the gory bits of surgery for some sort of educational purpose? And you’re thinking to yourself, “Ouch. This poor person. This is terrible. I shouldn’t be watching this. I haven’t got the stomach for it”, and yet thirty minutes later you’re not only still watching it but you’re on the verge of entertained. That’s Gucci Rush.

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4 thoughts on “Gucci Rush

  1. I agree with you about the plastic smell of Gucci Rush, nevertheless if you try the vial instead of the red packaging, the scent is quite exquisite.

    I really believe they messed up with the packaging, such a disappointment coming from a brand like Gucci.

    • I’ll keep my eyes peeled for the vial version. Thanks for the recommendation, Cristina. ๐Ÿ™‚

      As for the packaging, it is quite the off choice for Gucci. They usually have rather nice packaging but this–I just don’t find it nice and I think it turns off a lot of people. You’re right, definitely a disappointment.

  2. Thank you for your blog. I found you because I was surfing the web to find out why the last two Gucci Rush purchases that I received from had no smell. I thought it was my imagination so I sprayed it on my clothing and 15 minutes later, again, nothing. I have read recent reviews from others and they are still raving about Gucci Rush. Does cologne go bad and lose it’s smell? Are there fake GRs out there? I tried to ask and they wouldn’t respond. I could use your help because this my all time favorite scent and now I’m afraid to buy it.

    • Colognes and perfumes do go bad and eventually lose their smell. Usually they’ll end up smelling like one or the other base component and some of them end up smelling like nothing at all. It could be that the fragrance you got was improperly stored and was exposed to too much light or hung around on a shelf for too long and expired. You may have also gotten a fake, but it’s hard to tell unless you compare a real one to the one you have and look at all the fine details. I have had some good experiences with and some not so great experiences, their customer service isn’t really responsive. That’s about all I can do to help, sorry, Sandra. ๐Ÿ™

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