Narciso Rodriguez For Her

For Her’s note list might look a little intimidating. I mean, it’s got this thing called Egyptian Musk and some fragrance buyers see the very mention of the word ‘musk’ and are turned off by the prospect of smelling ‘dirty’. But that’s just not what For Her is about.

For Her

In Bottle: Fresh and clean. Also very light. Like catching the scent of soap in a light breeze.

Applied: Clean and citrus like citrus scented soap on the opening with the citrus and soapiness giving way to a warm, very sheer musky scent in the middle. For Her is a light-wearing clean musk so far as the fragrance takes some steps to develop the florals that are supposed to be in the composition. Most of what I smell is the unique quality of the Egyptian Musk and if you’re afraid of it being ‘dirty smelling’ because of the presence of musk then keep in mind that the opening is very clean and the musk is treated in a muted way in this fragrance. It might be the majority of what you smell in the mid-stage but it by no means broadcasts muskiness. I think a lot of people who would normally shy away from musk should try For Her. The dry down approaches with a warming of the musk and a little drop of vanilla to round things off.

Extra: For Her comes in two versions. An EDT and an EDP. I’ve only smelled the EDP and that’s what this review is for. Word on the perfume street has it that the EDT and EDP are different monsters and that the EDP goes on much lighter and is a skin close fragrance while the EDT is louder and has more longevity. Something interesting to keep in mind as you’re trying to decide which to go for.

Design: For Her’s two concentrations come in the same bottle shape. A tall glass cylinder in black or pink depending on the concentration you want. The EDT is a black bottle, whereas the EDP is a pink bottle. These colors are reversed on the boxes so make sure you read which one you’re getting instead of relying on the colors.

Fragrance Family: Clean

Notes: Bergamot, orange blossom, coriander, musk, osmanthus, amber, vetiver, vanilla.

For Her is a very nicely done skin close scent. It’s clean and works the musk in rather well. I actually like this a whole lot more than I thought I would. The EDP is, definitely, worth a considering sniff.

Reviewed in This Post: Narciso Rodriguez For Her, 2009, Eau de Parfum.