Juliette Has A Gun Miss Charming

Miss Charming by Juliette Has A Gun is a lighthearted fruity rose whose priced like a niche fragrance, but smells like a mainstream perfume.

Miss Charming

Miss Charming

In Bottle: Smells like fruity roses. Most notable in the opening is a sweet and slightly sour berry scent followed by a bit of a weak rose note.

Applied: Sweet berries with a hint of tartness layered over a rose note that gets a bit dusty as you continue to wear the fragrance. Miss Charming is very youthful, though she relies a little too much on the fruitiness to get her by. I can’t help but think I’ve smelled this before in a lot of mainstream perfumes. Anyway, Miss Charming continues along a fairly linear track of sweet and rosey and reaches its midstage with a sort of powdered rose scent that reminds me a bit of Lady Vengeance, only Lady Vengeance did the motif a lot better in my opinion. The dry down is a rose and clean musk. Miss Charming lacks the soapiness that I found very pleasant in Lady Vengeance too. Nothing unusual or interesting to be had in the dry down, unfortunately.

Extra: Miss Charming’s angle was to be bright and happy and bubbling. I felt it could have been done a lot better, particularly since the fragrance echoes so many mainstream fragrances while boasting a niche fragrance’s price. Miss Charming was composed by Francis Kurkdjian.

Design: Miss Charming is designed in much the same way as Lady Vengeance. The only major difference to the bottle is the color where Lady Vengeance was black, Miss Charming is white. You can also get Miss Charming in a cool perfume vial encased in a metal bullet-like roll-on. It’s very neat looking.

Fragrance Family: Fruity Floral

Notes: Litchi, berries, Moroccan rose, musk.

So if someone were to ask me whether I prefer Miss Charming or Lady Vengeance, I’d definitely have to go with Lady Vengeance. It was young, easy to wear, and had a bit more of a personality than Miss Charming. This particular fragrance just didn’t work for me.

Reviewed in This Post: Miss Charming, 2010, Eau de Parfum.

Juliette Has a Gun Lady Vengeance

Lady Vengeance triggered something bright and flowery in my head. I dabbed it on, aimed my nose at the back of my hand to sniff, and as it wafted into my nose and hit my smell receptors, my voice decided it couldn’t wait to form a good sentence as I proclaimed in a high-pitched voice, “It’s so pretty!” Lady Vengeance

In Bottle: Fresh and rosy and really pretty. Lady Vengeance is a young, bright, happy smelling rose scent that puts a smile on my face the instant I smell it.

Applied: Feminine and clean and speaks to the springtime. I had wholly expected Lady Vengeance to contain a note of darkness, of depth and dense rosiness but she’s a bright and happy character instead. A bit funny for the name but I can’t stay mad at something this peppy. Lady Vengeance starts off with a brilliantly bright and new bloomed rose. It reminds me of a freshly watered rose bush glistening with dew on a brand new spring day. It’s like soft rose soap cut with real petals. There’s a powderiness to Lady Vengeance but there’s very little of it and it works so well in this fragrance that you just end up smelling like a really good rose powder. There’s a slightly sweet and gentle hint of vanilla but it is predominantly a very well done rose. This is a sweetened rose, not a sugar rose–I might add. The latter is the staple of modern rose-based scents that rely on sugaring up the note. Lady Vengeance has excellent longevity, it clung to me all day and lent that gorgeous clean rose for hours and hours until the dry down approached where the powderiness gives way and I smell a couple of whiffs of smooth patchouli under all the awesome rose soap.

Extra: Juliette Has a Gun is a niche perfume line inspired by Shakespeare. It has ties to Nina Ricci. Mainly, the line was founded by Ricci’s grandson.

Design: Set in a very cute black bottle, Lady Vengeance’s packaging would hint at a dark rose. But there’s no darkness in this as far as I’m concerned. The bottle has lovely little etchings in it that conjure up images of tattoos and goths.

Fragrance Family: Soliflore

Notes: Italian rose, vanilla, patchouli.

Who would have thought a simple fragrance could be so well done? I am a big fan of Lady Vengeance and her pretty rose treatment. For $80 per 50ml and $110 per 100ml bottle. You can also get some pretty wicked looking purse bullets fragrance roll ones for $75. You will be hurting if you’re into this niche line but it isn’t as bad as some other choices out there that would have you proclaiming, “Eighty bucks? That’s nothing!”

Reviewed in This Post: Lady Vengeance, 2009, Eau de Parfum.