Amouage Homage Attar

Widely known amongst fragrance fanboys and fangirls is Amouage’s Homage Attar which has been heralded as one of perfumery’s most complex, beautiful scents.

Amouage Homage Attar

In Bottle: Citrus with a big bouquet of bright roses that reminds me of a big ball of fresh and blooming flowers. The mental images Homage gives me are fantastic, the olfactory experience? Just simply great.

Applied: And that was just in the bottle. On my skin the citrus is fast to fade leaving behind a gorgeous layer of roses that stretches as far as my nose can smell. But it isn’t obnoxious up your nose and aroundĀ  the corner rose. This rose is a tame beauty, fine with standing alone in the middle of the ball because she knows everyone’s got theirĀ  eyes on her. As the roses calm down a little, there is a spiciness that kicks up in the midstage and hangs out until the scent is done. It’s a warming spice, reminds me of dry powder and honey. The walk into this ethereal, dark, and heady garden is met with a jasmine note that mingles so beautifully well with the roses. This is a scent that morphs and conforms and forces you to face any fears you may have had of floral fragrances. Homage is a giant flower bouquet. As the scent continues to age it introduces other elements for us, bringing in a bit of aoud and this fantastic, warm, spicy, frankincense and amber that tips Homage over from a big heady floral and into the territory of complex high art. Finally, just when you think the well-blended, well-balanced, lovely trip is over, Homage throws in a pretty, slightly powdery note of sandalwood to usher you out. It’s a journey with Homage, one that’s very reminiscent of intricate silk clothes, spices, and a language you don’t know how to speak but innately understand is beautiful.

Extra: One thing about Homage you need to keep in mind is that this a perfume oil. One that, in many cases, can out power Black Phoenix Alchemy lab oils. It is strong. Let me repeat that, it is strong. You will not need a lot of this in order to scent yourself. A lot of people new to perfume oils will see how little they get in a bottle and assume that they’ll blast through it in a week or so. Nope. Perfume oils are meant to be used sparingly. You will dab it on you at best, and you will savor every drop you can. A full bottle of Homage (12ml) can conceivably last you for years.

Design: Bottled simply but beautifully. A nice thick glass 12ml bottle with the Amouage logo in front and a stopper to to close the bottle opening. Because Homage is a perfume oil you will not see any spray mechanisms here. That alone changes the game plan a bit. For one thing, you will have to take care of your bottle quite a bit better because there is no permanent sprayer to seal out air and prevent spills. You may experience faster levels of perfume evaporation too. And, heaven forbid, you may one day knock the bottle off a shelf. So keep this beauty safe, nothing would suck more than spilling the contents of a bottle of perfume this pricey.

Fragrance Family: Spicy Floral

Notes: Rose, silver aoud, silver frankincense, jasmine, amber, citrus, sandalwood.

A new, full bottle of Amouage Homage Attar will dig pretty deep in your pocket. While by no means the most expensive perfume in the world Amouage’s attars will run you a pretty penny. But this is one of the few perfumes out there that deserves its price tag. You definitely need to smell this before you buy it, as a 15ml bottle of Homage will cost $355USD. Maybe one day, Homage.

Reviewed in This Post: Homage Attar, 2008, Perfume Oil.

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