Victoria’s Secret Dream Angels Heavenly

Dream Angels Heavenly is one of the staples of the mass market perfume industry aimed at younger women and teenagers. It’s a painfully easy to love and simple fragrance.

Dream Angels Heavenly

In Bottle: Cleaned up florals with a hint of scrubbed vanilla settling in the background.

Applied: I’ll commend Dream Angels Heavenly for introducing the powdery element that seems to mingle in with the sandalwood. It gives this fragrance a bit of a boost in terms of sophistication. The fragrance itself is a clean floral opener with a sweet streak. The scent heads into powder territory shortly after the top notes as it settles into a clean flowering mid-stage that isn’t complex, unique or special. But it works for how simple it is. There’s wafts of that crazy little vanilla to my nose, an the vanilla becomes more evident when the scent starts to dry down as sandalwood and vanilla take over the show and Dream Angels Heavenly ends up drying down like most fragrances geared toward the young women fragrance lovers of the world.

Extra: Settling itself into the very comfortable demographic that it did, Dream Angels Heavenly carves a nice spot for itself in the market. It’s a mid to low-range fragrance with a 1 oz. bottle running you for $42 USD. Not bad for generic-smelling stuff.

Design: The bottle I’m not a fan of. It’s just a glass bottle with a feminine silhouette. I see the bottle for this stuff and the first thing I think of is shampoo. It’s a well-designed bottle that’s easy to hold and use but I just can’t convince myself that this looks good or interesting.

Fragrance Family: Floral

Notes: Peony, sandalwood, vanilla, white musk.

It should be noted that if you don’t like this version of Dream Angels, Victoria’s Secret has several iterations that come out every year with many being discontinued. So if you find a Dream Angels you like, snap it up with the knowledge that it may get discontinued.

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