Victoria’s Secret Coconut Craze

Coconut Craze is another one of those Beauty Rush 2-in-1 moisturizer and body mist combos from Victoria’s Secret. Its application and concept is in the same ballpark area as Plumdrop and Appletini.

Coconut Craze

In Bottle: That coconut note that I complain tends to smell sour. I smell it in this and aside from a very noisy vanilla note, that’s just about all I can get.

Applied: Goes on very light and sheer. The scent is strongly coconut and sweet vanilla with the coconut possessing that slightly sour quality to it that meshes rather poorly with how sweet this fragrance is trying to be. The fragrance ages on the skin but never really loses its coconut note which clings rather impressively. This is a sweet, girly, very simple body mist. The fragrance smells very similar to Bath and Body Works’ Coconut Vanilla fragrance. Not all that surprising, considering both of these operate on the same coconut and vanilla formula. Overall, not bad, but the sour coconut note drags the fragrance down a few notches. Longevity on me was surprisingly good.

Extra: So another coconut based note strikes out in the books. I wish I knew how they made coconut in some fragrances smell convincing while coconut in others just smells sour and synthetic.

Design: Coconut Craze is bottled in the same way as Plumdrop and Appletini. The only difference seems to be the name on the label and the juice inside being a pleasant white color. Almost looks like milk.

Fragrance Family: Gourmand

Notes: Coconut, vanilla.

I really do love Victoria’s Secret’s double body mists. Getting two things done at once and smelling nice? Aces in my book. As for Coconut Craze, it is decent for what it is. If you don’t have the, “Argh! Sour coconut” curse that I do, this is an affordable, nice-smelling coconut and vanilla fragrance and moisturizer.

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