I Need to Stop Talking About Lady Gaga

I don’t even really like her music all that much, but her perfume is garnering a ton of buzz and it feels like no matter where I look someone’s talking about it even when it’s for all the wrong, gimmicky reasons. Apparently the juice is going to be all black. I’m wondering how they managed to do that without staining people’s clothes, but time will tell. This thing is still about a month out and they’re going to release the “short film” for it soon.

The trailer:

It’s got that Gaga feel to it. But I can’t help but think that this video’s inspiration and style (same could be said for some other videos of hers) comes from Matthew Barney’s ridiculous brain child, The Cremaster Cycle (NSFW for artistic nudity and violence):

What any of that has to do with perfume is anybody’s guess. I just enjoy weird art films.