Comments Are Working Again

Thanks to Steve from The Scented Hound and a reader who told me that my comments weren’t working. This happened after the theme change where the functions written into the theme did not allow for one of my comment plugins. This resulted in comments being sent, but never actually getting into the queue even though they appeared to be sent successfully.

So if you tried to send a comment since Monday and it didn’t show up, that’s what happened :-(. I was really suspicious that something wasn’t working right when for a week straight, there hadn’t been any spam (sad). Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you Steve and Amanda for bringing this to my attention. The comments should be working now!

On the positive side, the new contact form works like a charm! 😀

6 thoughts on “Comments Are Working Again

  1. One of the comments that didn’t show up was from me recommending to add a widget “Subscribe by e-mail” – it might be useful, not everybody does RSS feeds.

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