Jessica Simpson Vintage Bloom

I will forever associate Jessica Simpson fragrances to that line of supposedly edible perfume that I have yet to taste for myself. People have reported they taste like varying degrees of fake vanilla flavor though. Anyway, this post isn’t about edible perfume. It’s just about Jessica Simpson’s newest fragrance, Vintage Bloom.

Vintage Bloom

Vintage Bloom

In Bottle: Smells fruity and floral. I know this is being pushed as a pure floral, but it smells like a standard fruity floral to me.

Applied: Yeah, big old fruit. I want to blame it on the combination of citrus and raspberry. There’s also more florals in this than peony. I want to say rose and jasmine with peony to make the trifecta of floral boredom. The end game is also largely typical with a clean sandalwood fade. The fragrance as a whole is dull but very wearable. It’s a nice neutral scent for a younger crowd that wants to smell nice and not controversial or complex in any way. It reminds me of–well, of a lot of other fragrances that smell exactly like this–all of which also fall into the celebuscent category. Chances are, if you own anything with another celebrity’s name on it that leans more towards “smells like flowers” than “smells like fruit” or “smells like candy” then you don’t need to buy a bottle of this. If you own any of Bath and Body Works’ latest floral releases then you don’t need a bottle of this. If you are missing a “smells like flowers” celebrity fragrance and feel like you need a little more Jessica Simpson in your life then you could do worse than Vintage Bloom.

Extra: I always feel like I have to write in a disclaimer for fans of these celebrities that no, Jessica Simpon/Paris Hilton/Britney Spears did not become perfumers overnight and mix their own fragrances in their bathtubs or whatever. Vintage Bloom was actually made by Parlux. The people (with an unfortunate Flash website) who brought you other fragrances such as Rhianna’s Reb’l Fleur, Paris Hilton’s Can Can, and Queen Latifah’s Queen.

Design: The bottle could look better. As it is, it’s one of those over-designed pieces that’s too ornate to be called simple, modern or elegant, and not ornate enough to qualify as extravagant. It kind of skirts that awkward middle where it doesn’t hit modern or “vintage”. It just looks kind of tacky and out of place and I can’t say I’m a big fan.

Fragrance Family: Fruity Floral

Notes: Lemon, lime, raspberry, peony, sandalwood, musk.

Remember when Jessica Simpson actually sang for a living instead of selling perfume with her name on it? Or embarrassing herself on a reality TV show? Is she even still singing? I’m about as up to date with music as I am with television and movies.

Reviewed in This Post: Vintage Bloom, 2012, Eau de Parfum.

4 thoughts on “Jessica Simpson Vintage Bloom

  1. How come the bottle looks like something that if you fed it the wrong food or watered it, that it would turn into a blobulous (is that even a word?) monster?!

  2. I think this perfume is amazing! I usually go for scents like ralph lauren or Lady Gaga but this smell grew on me and I love it! . I was trying out scents at Macy’s and the perfume girl sprayed some on a testing strip. I had a the perfume strip in my purse next to my bed and every night I could smell this scent that was just so heavenly. THe scent stayed in my bedroom for almost a month.

    Im in the military and i dont feel very feminie most of the time because of the uniform but honestly when i wear this scent I feel like a soft and gentle, loveable women. When Im out in the field shooting rifles and getting dirty I think about how badly i want to go home and wear my perfume. Crazy as it sounds but its true. haha

    • Hi, Niki. Thanks for dropping by and sharing your experiences with scent. 🙂 Vintage Bloom is definitely very feminine, and I imagine it would be nice scented a room. The best part about those test strips at the store is that they’re free, the other good part is that you can leave them around your house and scent your living quarters!

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